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help, please!

This may not be the right community to ask for information on this matter... and if it isn't, could somebody please let me know where else I could look?

I was admitted into a grad program at OSU. I live in Tulsa, and I was planning on completing my degree in Tulsa (this is possible.) However, I had no idea that I can only be a TA in Stillwater. Because of this slight misunderstanding, I'm now having to look for a place to live in Stillwater, and I have to move soon!

I was wondering if any of you have any input on the safer areas in Stillwater to live? I have a dog, I prefer to live alone, and I would love to be able to walk to campus, BUT I know that my pet situation makes my "wants" nearly impossible. Here's what I'd love to know:

  1. Can you please recommend websites I can visit to search for housing in Stillwater? (All I know of so far is craigslist, and I know that can't be the best place to look, right?)
  2. Which are the safest parts in town?
  3. Which places do you recommend or recommend I stay away from?
Thank you so much to anyone who can chime in on this!!
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