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Please spread the word: Moving Sale in Stillwater

PLEASE, please forward.

MOVING SALE in Stillwater, OK!!!

The more you take with you, the more I'll negotiate prices with you.

Books, between $2 and $3

Small Swivel Arm Chair $10

Pots and pans, between $2 and $5

Espresso machine, $25

Rice maker, $20

Blender, $20

Shredder (has a slot for credit card shredding, too) $10

Gibson White Everyday Dishes; service for 8, $20

Table Lamps $5 each

Floor lamp with shelves $20

Leg Magic Exercise machine $40

Carpet steam cleaner $20

Floor lamp $7

Flower vases between $0.50 and $2

Glassware/Stemware $0.50

Ladies' sweaters and scarves $1 each

Ladies' coats $5

Coffee/Wall table (measures 60" wide x 20" depth x 17" tall) with doors in the front---$15

Corner shelf $10

Shelf on casters (wheels) $10

Shelf/table $10

Metal shelf $10

Shelf/TV stand $10

Twin sized quilt $10

AND many more items, including kitchen utensils, arts and crafts supplies, decorations, among others.

Cash, please.

Please call 574-261-5010 for an address and/or directions.

Anything not sold by tomorrow will be available at a Yard Sale tomorrow, Friday 27, between 8am and 6pm. Anything you can commit to purchasing can be saved for you to pick up on Saturday or Sunday, in case you'd like to make the drive to Stillwater on the weekend.
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