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Apple Creek?

Hi again...

Any input on Apple Creek apartments?

Basically I am having no luck finding a place close to campus that takes pets and is within my price range. And actually, the only apartment available in this complex for me and a pet is a two bedroom, which seems excessive, but I'll take it if there's nothing else in town, since it was mentioned by name by two people in my department.

[On a side rant: I realize I waited late in the game to look for a place, but can realtors and property management companies PLEASE stop telling me so, as if I don't know. As if I can control being misinformed by my department. Grr.]

I have 48 hours to do my research on Apple Creek and get back to them, or to find an alternative. I picked up a paper in town today and will be looking at the classifieds and I got some recommendations from an undergraduate senior I met at Starbucks who goes to OSU (she was very friendly!)... but I was wondering if anyone know about or have first hand experience with Apple Creek... so far the negative reviews I have read are about noise on the weekends, which doesn't really much bother me. Especially because I may spend all my weekends in Tulsa anyway.


Thank you for any input whatsoever...
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