Who Me? (heartsongforgod) wrote in okstate,
Who Me?

Animal Shelter Million Dollar Makeover

Hey, did you know our local animal shelter is in a contest to win a million dollar makeover? Did you even know we had an animal shelter?! Well, it is, we do and you can help!

There’s a website called zootoo.com that is having a contest for an animal shelter to win a million dollar makeover. Our shelter's building is very old, there’s not much in the way of exercise pens and it’s a no kill shelter so some of the dogs and cats have to live in these poor conditions for a long time. I would love it if any of you and anyone you know could take a few minutes and vote in the contest to help us out. If you would like to vote for the shelter it’s easy and fast to do.

Just go to www.zootoo.com/makeover. At the top right corner will be a place to register. You need to register but it’s free, they won’t send you any e-mails after the confirmation email unless you want them to and is a great site to join anyway. If you want to double the points your vote is worth, instead of registering, send me a response with your email address so that I can email you a referral to register. That will earn 200 points instead of just 100. This is also a good option if you are having trouble getting onto the site.

When you register, there will be a place to affiliate with a shelter. Enter in the zip code 74074 and select the Humane Society of Stillwater (should be the first one on the list). Respond to the confirmation email and it’s that easy, you’re done and have helped a shelter get that much closer to winning a makeover. We need something like 4,000 people to vote in order to move us up to the top 20 and voting ends on Sunday! So if you can help, please do so and vote soon. Thank you, I appreciate anyone’s help on this!

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